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TFX Connect is Toronto's high speed internet and phone service provider. We deliver a promise of exceptional quality and care to our customers. Whether you're calling Toronto to Manila, or London to Vancouver, TFX Connect has brought the power of Global Voice and Data Networks right to your fingertips.about-text

Our customers are cost conscious Entrepeneurs, students, travellers, expatriates, and Enterprises that all have one common need, high-quality low cost telecommunications.

Internet or no Internet, fixed line or mobile, you chose how you want us to help save you unnecessary local and long distance charges.

Let us make your staying in touch hassle and worry free. Reducing your communication costs is your choice! At TFX Connect we strive to develop packages tailored to meet a variety of needs. Whatever your communication requirements we've analysed call statistics, taken your requests and developed complex algorithms to provide you with simply low cost contract free calling.

Call our Customer Care Team today at 1-800-420-5502 and we'll happily walk you through our offerings that suit your calling and data needs. Remember, all of our long distance plans are contract free with no membership fees, just simply decide on your choice of reduced rates then contact us to start saving now!

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1090 Peter Robertson Blvd.

Suite 206

Brampton,ON L6R 3B3

T: (905) 458-4890

F:(905) 595-2556

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