TFXConnect Online Data Backup Solutions

The importance of a reliable data backup plan can never be stressed upon enough. Everyone realizes that it is vital to facilitate this but in the ever changing industry businesses need to continually update their resources to combat software and hardware failure and namely virus attacks.

Businesses need the ability to cope and continue running even in the event of a major disaster.

The two solutions for backup are:

  • Tape Backup
  • Online Backup

Tape Backup solutions often prove insufficient when fundamental data needs to be recovered promptly.

Online backup is a more effective alternative to the tape method as it offers a more secure yet simple and inexpensive way to protect your information.

With online backup we provide:

  • Secure data storage (off site)
  • Automated scheduled data backup
  • No extra hardware to purchase
  • 24/7 access to your data (through your existing Internet connection)

Data Encryption

Online backup recognizes and captures any amendments made to files since they were last backed up. It also encrypts the data for additional security and condenses the data to reduce transmission times. This is then sent to a data storage system via the Internet.

The system can be automated so that clients are able to backup data themselves and so that easy retrieval can be accomplished on line either at head office or through remote access.

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