Solutions for Hosted iPBX

An enterprise class business phone system that uses the power of the cloud to deliver feature rich functionality without the cost of expensive on-premise equipment.

iPBX features an easy to use web based administrator panel that can be managed from anywhere.

Adding Users

Create fully featured users with a few clicks. IPBX supports most popular SIP hard- and softphones

The biggest advantage of IVR, also known as auto-attendants, for small and large organizations is to save time and money. Answering phone calls takes a lot of time, and not every phone call deserves the attention of a trained employee.


Comfortably create as many IVR's as you want. Use cascading and time switches, send calls to queues or voicemail.

Call Routing

Using caller ID name tagging, identify the type of caller. Select a timeout function that connects to a mailbox, other IVR, call queue, group etc.

An easy to use yet sophisticated web driven operator console, allows you to manage your inbound and outbound calls.

Call Handling

Use visual call parking to handle up to 4 calls at the same time. Transfers callers to voicemail or the associated mobile phone number. Pickup ringing extensions or transfer callers to call groups, queues, IVRs or any other number.


Listen to callers or listen and whisper to one party only.

Usage reports give you a quick overview of top callers and general activity on the phone system.

Live Activity

Live activity reports are specifically available for call queues and give you an instant overview on how inbound calls are handled. A live channel graph displays system usage in realtime fashion.

Your Extension Anywhere

An End User Panel that let's you control all aspects of your own extension, such as managing your call via an operator console, listen to voicemail, configure call forwarding, create ad-hoc telephone conferences and much more. Configure your extension to only forward during certain times, using your iCalendar feed or based on a list of favorite caller IDs.

Mobile Integration

Mobile SIP clients for Nokia, iPhone and Android phones allow you to take your extension with you wherever you have a 3G or WiFi connection. Click to call which knows where you are, and calls you on your mobile phone when you access ipbx from the road.

Personal Conference Rooms

A meetme type conference room for each and every user. No more scheduling conflicts and live conference management, which allows you to mute and kick participants. Invite users with the click of a button and have the system call them instead of having to provide cumbersome login instructions.

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