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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a new technology where by we can use high speed internet to transfer and transmit your voice signals instead of using the conventional method of wires. Keeping the technical jargon aside, the simple process is that when you speak over the phone, our systems convert your voice signals into data which is then transferred through high speed internet. This data is then again converted back to voice signal so that when the other party picks up the phone they hear your voice. By using this technology we are able to reduce the costs, increase clarity and also offer you some amazing calling features

NO, the person in order to listen to the call need not have an Internet connection. All they would need is a normal touch tone phone

You can receive calls from any number,network or phone line. Voip line is no different to usual phone systems, the only difference is usage of technology. Therefore Yes, people can call you from land lines, mobiles, local and abroad. Neither them nor you will feel an iota of a difference except for the fact that the sound quality might be better than ever before thanks to sate of art technology on your end

Direct Dial is our most widely chosen method of making calls. this service allows you to make long distance calls directly from your land line or mobile without dialing access numbers or pins. By selecting this service,TFX Connect will act as as your primary long distance carrier, and all your long distance charges will be billed to your monthly TFX Connect account. When you select Direct Dial you also receive Access Service

Access Service allows you to choose between your current carrier and TFX Connect for your lon distance needs. In order to get the best TFX Connect rates you simply dial the provided local access number prior to making your long distance call.

NO,if you choose TFX Connect Home phone service then you will have to use TFX Connect for your long distance requirements too.

There are no monthly charges.

Dry loop charges are the  charges levied by the service providing companies who would run a dry loop ( a  copper wire into your house from the terminal outside) so that you can use the  ULTRA High Speed Internet service. This happens in case you haven’t got a line already in your  house from another provider like Bell.

The cost of the modem is $ 59 plus  shipping charges, which is  $9.99 non refundable. You can also rent the modem for $4.99  per month but this option is only available on a one year term.

You can buy an adapter without  faxing capabilities for $59 or with faxing capabilities for $79 plus shipping  charges, which is $9.99 non refundable. There is an option of renting the adapter  at a fee of $ 5.49 plus taxes per month but this comes with a minimum one year term.

YES, you have the option of  keeping the same phone number as you have with your previous service provider  or we can choose a number for you.

YES, if you decide to take any  of our packages you would have to register with us, providing billing details  and necessary information so as to provide access to our servers.


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